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My friend nyanone talking about Prince of Tennis and other anime in a locked post (don't worry, I got permission).

I have resisted TeniPuri for a long time, one reason being that I look at it from the outside, and say to myself, I really don't want my major waking thoughts to be about a bunch of guys boffing each other in tennis shorts.

And, one of the reasons she loves TeniPuri:

2) TECHNIQUE GUYS. I love people filling the role of the Technique Guy in anime. You know, the dude who explains in thorough detail all the amazing shiznit going on in any fight, in case you thought it was basically people kicking the shit out of each other and the details weren't too important. For example, one of my all-time favorite series, Rurouni Kenshin, is packed with Technique Guy blather.

Sanosuke: Look!!! Do you see that??
Kaoru: What??
Sanosuke: That! The small amount of snot that just shot right out of Kenshin's left nostril!
Kaoru: Oh!!
Sanosuke: That means that Kenshin is considering using the legendary AMA-KAKERU-RYUU-NO-HIRAMEKI on this guy!
Kaoru: *gasp* No!! Not the AMA-KAKERU-RYUU-NO-HIRAMEKI!!!
Sanosuke: YES!! And if he shoots snot out of his right nostril, that means he could follow it up with an AMA-KAKERU-RYUU-NO-HIRAMEKI-SUPER-SIZE-MEKI-PLUS-BONUS-HIRA!!! A doubly powerful move only the near gods have ever seen!!!!!
Kaoru: ...Should we clear the heck out of here?
Sanosuke: ...Yeah, probably.
Kaoru: I mean, if we're close enough to see his snot.
Sanosuke: Let's book it.


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