Irony (ironychan) wrote in metaquotes,

Sorry to do two in one day, but... concerning pr0n (from tws_support... and yes, it included me, but I'm just dumb enough to find this funny):

trueraijin: Cruising VCL... yields the most intresting things. Prawn Pr0n.
ironychan: Wow.
ironychan: Hey, too bad they're not dressed formal... if the girl prawn were in a frilly dress and the guy prawn were in a tux, we could call it prawn prom pr0n.
ironychan: Or hey, if the girl prawn were also a cheerleader, it would be prawn prom pom-pom pr0n!
ironychan: *is chased out of the community by an angry mob*
sarahtheboring: And if the boy prawn is a body-builder, it'd be prawn prom pom-pom/brawn pr0n.
sarahtheboring: Shoot me now. XD

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