brosef stalin, leader of the broletariat. (arisato) wrote in metaquotes,
brosef stalin, leader of the broletariat.

Sort of long, but...

Sooo anyhow, I'm walking to work and this adonis jumps out and asks if I want to say hello to his hawk. I ask you, WTF is the correct response to that? (I once got a pr0nspam message from a random perv asking if I wanted to fondle his duck, but I assumed that to be a typo between "i" and "u"... I have no idea what you'd have to mangle to get "hawk"). I was just about to punch him in his (beautiful) face when I realised he actually had a Harris Hawk strapped to one arm. It was not happy at being next to a carosel and was flapping and squarking like mental. Just when I was explaining that falconry prolly wasn't my thing, the hawk finally snapped and tried to eat a small child's head. And then suddenly I had grand visions of myself on the rolling hills, a hawk at my side, hunting a pack of small toddlers.

And now I'm seriously considering falconry as a career.

-- c/o ffenics, taken with permission from a flocked post.
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