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"Dear badfic slash authors..."

pikacharma in fanficrants - there's more. ^_^

Writing about gay sex or gay characters ((or any minority group, for that matter)) is not a Get Out Of Jail Free card exempting you from any and all less-than-stellar reviews, and I, for one, am damn sick of all the grammatically handicapped little asswipes playing the "you just flamed me because I write slash!" card everytime someone calls them out for crazy pairings, lousy characterization, crappy formatting, or any other standard fanfiction pitfall that's really got a grand total of jack and shit to do with homophobia. If you post crapfic and get called on it, either own up or shut up, but don't *even* try to make it out like the reviewer is the next Grand Dragon of the KKK who sits around flaming fics only when they're not too busy prowling the streets of downtown San Francisco with a baseball bat and a bike chain, because not only does it make you look like a complete and total idiot, it's also insulting as all hell to your audience.

If you wanna write badfic, have fun, but please keep in mind that using a slash warning does not give you license to sodomize the English language -- and when you do finally get flamed for it, call Hooked On Phonics, because it's really not PFLAG's department.
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