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Mm, Johnny Depp.

linzeestyle has a problem with using school computers. Well, that seems to be the least of her problems, actually...

(From this locked entry. Meant to quote it earlier but it kind of got lost on my computer.)

And I can't read fic, because the last thing I am going to do is sit in a lounge surrounded by freakishly overachieving academic-types and read porn. Well. In perfect seriousness, I would do that, but I'm sort of afraid they sit and monitor these computers in which case they're probably watching me *type* about porn as I speak. In fact, every time I say "porn" it probably goes on a checksheet in the head office, and one day when I apply for graduate or buisness school or whatever they're going to go "you said 'porn' 3,245 times between freshman and senior year" and it's going to go on a printout somewhere, right next to the amount of times I didn't have something profound to say in class because I was too busy thinking about Johnny Depp.
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