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A very special cinema evening

silent_al commenting the first time in amovieaday, rating "Spiderman 2".

I have seen this movie 1 1/2 times. During my first viewing, someone had a seizure. So they had to stop the film, call the paramedics/fire dept/cops, and then put us in another showing and restart the movie. Turns out the guy had taken a bunch of drugs and decided to see the film. All while holding his gun and knife. So, when Doc Ock has his big explosion with his machine, the guy has a seizure and drops his gun on the floor (good thing it didn't go off). Anyway, it was the most interesting seizure I have ever been privvy to. The next best one would have to be in Kill Bill (another story completely). Anyway, after that, nothing in the movie came close to being as interesting as to what was going on in the theater.
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