someone you could know (i_come_undone) wrote in metaquotes,
someone you could know

on stephen fry...

From sebastienne's journal, with permission. Cut for crude references to male genitalia.

sebastienne: i watched 2 x QI tonight
sebastienne: it made me have stephen-fry-love
sebastienne: although, at one point, he appeared to reference his genitalia
sebastienne: when everyone knows, obviously, stephen fry does not have genitalia.
carafa: he does indeed
carafa: I've seen it
sebastienne: noooooo!
sebastienne: (then, it's reeally big, right?)
carafa: like your face, yes
sebastienne: ...stephen fry's cock is like my face...
carafa: except his is prettier
sebastienne: and more men get to suck it?
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