Ket Makura (ketmakura) wrote in metaquotes,
Ket Makura

Sidequest indeed

"Hey, you just killed that kitten, what's your problem?!"
"Financial aid."
"Oh... do you want to punch my baby?"**

Friggin' financial aid. Two to three weeks ago I spoke to people in financial aid and housing services about the fact that I won't be attending next semester, I filled out their paper work, too. However, I got an e-mail with my bill for next semester's room and board fees. Over $3000, by the way. Idiots. It should go without saying that I'm frustrated with these people for not be able to complete a single task without someone correcting them at least once. In any event I decided to take care of the problem, today. That was ludicrously optimistic of me! I went to financial aid. They were unable to help me and said I should talk to student accounting. They told me they couldn't do anything and I should really see someone in housing services. So I walked across campus to housing, at this point it's already like a side quest in Zelda. When I got there the person who I would need to speak to was gone. She only works 8-2.

"Would you like to leave a message with her?"
"No, I won't be available tomorrow; I have class and work from eight to two..."
*Equipping fire rod*

After leaving the dark tower of housing in a pile of cinder and ash, I continued my quest to rescue the princess, Wav'd Bil, from the clutches of the evil emu-man sorcerer...

--My brother, onamae_wa_ninja
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