The Green Knight (lechevaliervert) wrote in metaquotes,
The Green Knight

Funny "Lost" Recap from Yuki_Onna

From catvalente's great recap of the latest Lost episode: 

Charlie: I'm dead! I'm totally dead! Watch how dead I am! Listen to the Sad Violin! They wouldn't whip out the Sad Violin unless I were really dead! Yup, still dead. Starting to smell a bit, now. See the Overhead Camera Angle of the Departing Spirit! Look at the king-size mecha-balls on this show, killing me off when I was so great in that big-budget LotWhatever movie! Any moment now, delicious mushrooms will spring from my corpse! It's truly amazing how dead I am.


Psych! SUCKAHS! There were no balls!

Read the rest here.

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