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God I love my family

From the Journal of my sister, fallenangelfish

Oh, and here's an idea of what my family can be like:

In our neighborhood Christmas decorations are up, and one house has this weird inflatable big polar bear that is wearing a purple sweater with snowflakes on it. It confuses me greatly. I'm riding home from the barn with dad and we get to talking about it.

Me: You know, you would think a polar bear wouldn't need a sweater. They're pretty furry right?

Dad: Yeah, I would think a better investment would be lifejackets.

Me: o_o?

Dad: You know, global warming and all. They'd be a little easier to get on than sweaters too I would think.

Me: Either way I wouldn't expect too many volunteers for it, even if polar bears are way neat...

Me: Sounds like something Josh would have to hear on that weirdo day on the West Wing.

Dad: Like the Wolf Highway Overpass?

Me: Yeah.

Dad: Except it would really be more of a Canadian problem don't you think?

Me: I think that's what Josh would say...

Me: And then he'd point out that polar bears can swim.

Dad: Well yeah, but not at the distance they would need to because of the melted ice.

Me: So then really we need polar bear rest stops.

Dad: I guess so. Though I guess we don't have to take the side of the polar bears. Seals are pretty cute too.

Me: Yeah that's the real problem with those guys. Most predator/prey things lend themselves to picking sides pretty well, because one is way cuter or cooler than the other. But seals and polar bears seem to be pretty equal. The bears are damned impressive, but seals are just so adorable.

Dad: Hard to win...

Me: I try to think of it as either outcome being not that bad.
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