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It's all one universe!

Renfield says:
they stole it from scorpy? he's gonna be pissed

Bethos, Laaaazy says:
Shran puts Soval in the Aurora Chair!

Renfield says:
ah. and thus the slash. i see

Bethos, Laaaazy says:
I'm sure Shran just borrowed it for an afternoon with permission.

Renfield says:
god, it's scary how much that made sense in my head

Bethos, Laaaazy says:
... what a strange fic *that* would be.

Renfield says:
i'm sorry. farscape has ruined me for many things

Bethos, Laaaazy says:
Er, but that's how I meant it?

Bethos, Laaaazy says:
The strange fic would be Shran borrowing the Aurora Chair from Scorpy.

Renfield says:
ah. well, yes

Bethos, Laaaazy says:
"Hi, my name's Commander Shran, I saw your name on the Morally Ambiguous Science Fiction Characters mailing list and someone recommended I talk to you about this chair you have? I need to break down some mental walls."

-- bethos, here.
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