Hina (narlyenatvanya) wrote in metaquotes,

Johnny Depp looks girly. But is that really so bad?

Regarding inkysweet's post about the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film:

For some reason I keep getting Ed Wood flashbacks when I look at it. Pehaps it's because innocent/twisted themes run through both Wood and Wonka's respective characters. Perhaps it's because Johnny Depp seems to be wearing lipstick... >.> This compounded with the 'eyeliner' in PotC, suggests that Depp is priming a career jump into becoming a Mabeline Cover girl. I'm not complaining though. In fact, nothing would thrill me more than coming across makeup ads with a dolled up Depp voguing to captions like, "Made for a woman, but sexy enough for a man". I know I'd switch to whatever brand of makeup he pimped...

And in the comments:

inkysweet: It's definately going to be a trip. And yes, sososo girly. This movie give women the chance to be "Lesbian for Johnny Depp". :-D
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