Trisha Lynn (trishalynn) wrote in metaquotes,
Trisha Lynn

On Avril Lavigne and SpongeBobSquarepants

While playing this week's ljdq quiz, this was a question:

4. This musical sensation from Canada, who has put out the very-well-received albums Let Go and Under My Skin, has most recently contributed to the soundtrack for the Spongebob Squarepants movie, which I know you're all dying to see. Who is she?

Among the many great and funny responses, this is the one that had me giggling at work.

"He was a sponge,
She was a pearl.
Can I make it any more obvious?
He wore brown pants,
She played croquet.
What more can I say?
He wanted her,
she'd never tell,
secretly she wanted him as well.
But all of her friends their minds were shut,
They had a problem with rectangular butts.

He's a sponge wearing pants,
She's a bivalve irritant,
He wasn't good enough for her,
She lived in an oyster shell,
She didn't really know him well,
She needed to stop being a jerk." - sskipstress

Dude, everyone needs to read, and play LJDQ. It's comedy gold.
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