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Wear a white ribbon.....

Brilliantly written, whether you agree or not. I like some of his points, especially regarding the Montreal masscre, but wish I could word properly what's wrong with his argument.

I've never worn a white ribbon, and don't intend to.

I fear the over-simplification that comes from turning a historical crime into an icon; I distrust using that icon as a metaphore for many (or all) of society's ills. And I think using Lepine to stand in for undeniable, day-to-day sexism that does still exist in our society is a good way to blind us to the root cause of violence - which is not only expressed with firearms, but also with road-rage, with vicious words and even with the still-present (though mostly forgotten) threat of anhielation under which we have all lived since 1945.

Violence against women is not a problem.

Violence against women is a symptom......


ed_rex Read the whole thing here.
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