GlitterPill (rxglitterpill) wrote in metaquotes,

Hello, first time poster here.
A quote from the always clever piyadassi in bad_rpers_suck, on a pet peeve, being ignored in a game...

There are no words to describe the rage I feel after taking the time to do something- a post, a bio, an e-mail, a scene request- and then having it completely disregarded. Seriously, if my posts are wanky or my bio is too long or my plot idea won't work, TELL me and we're great. I'm sunshine and roses. IGNORE me- and I don't mean 'sorry, I forgot to put up an AFK / didn't see your post / totally forgot about that', I mean just go right on ahead and act like I'm not even there- and I am overcome with the BURNING, ALL-CONSUMING URGE to thrust my hand down your pants, rip out a fistful of whatever downy pubic fuzz may yet have struggled forth down there, stuff it in your mouth, and then forcibly mash your jaws together until your teeth break and you suffer from ingrown hair of the GUMS. In the grip of this psychotic paroxysm of rage, it is only my own inherently sweet and gentle nature which prevents me from grabbing you by the ears, biting off your nose, and then- with the severed part still held securely between the gleaming rows of my beatific, strychnine grin- smashing my face back into your insufferable mug with such force that you will spend the rest of your days picking your bloody EYE SOCKET.

'Kay? :)
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