natalie (comedownstairs) wrote in metaquotes,

From cleolinda's journal, re: last night's Lost:

OMG LOST. I watched it downstairs with my parents over dinner, and I freaked THE HELL out when they found Charlie, just because the whole blindfolded hanging thing was so gruesome. And as the efforts to resuscitate Charlie dragged on and on, my dog looked up at me and said, "Do you hear that?" And I said, "Uh... no?" And he said, "I felt a great disturbance on the internets, as if millions of fangirls suddenly cried out in extremely high-pitched terror and were suddenly silenced, because they had all fainted dead away."

(I did hear several thousand LOTR fans, however, yell out in unison near the beginning of the show, "NOT IDLY DO THE LEAVES OF DRIVESHAFT FALL!")

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