Garrett Fitzgerald (sarekofvulcan) wrote in metaquotes,
Garrett Fitzgerald

From annathepiper:

...(and especially for spazzkat, who frequently tells me that an 88,000-word book that includes not a single occurrence of the word 'badger' is a sad book indeed), I present the paragraph pitch for my novel--the Badger Edition...:

"Badger Badger of Badger thinks she's as normal as the next badger, and up till now, she's been right. But her badger is about to turn on its badger, for she is the badger of a badger and her badger--and her badger is awakening. Suddenly the badger she's known all her badger is transforming before her badgers. Badgers haunt the mushroom mushroom. Badgers and badgers run loose in the badgers. An old badger who is not what she seems and a young badger running from a SNAKE AAAAAAAH IT'S A SNAKE stand ready to defend Badger--and Badger--from magical badger. She will need those badgers, for the fey badger rising within her is calling her own badger to the Emerald Badger to find her. And kill her."
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