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Beware the bagels

coresti: Yes I should! Oh, umm, perhaps you should forget about visiting me at the bagel place. Ermm...the manager is a prick so um, perhaps might not work cause he wants me to pick up the freakin' bagels by the Galleria before work and it's a 30 minute drive over there then be at work by 7. Riiiiiight....Sorry. That'd require me having a car.

remebrance03:lol. i think not. perhaps you should tell him to shove the bagels where the sun doesnt shine... especially since he most likely doesnt have the pants off very often... maybe i shouldnt go there...

coresti:Ahahahah!!! Yay!!!! I should!

remembrance03: lol... let me know when you do that... i would pay to see someone tell their boss that!

coresti:*giggles* Perhaps I shouldn't since it's a store I'd probably continue to go in....

remembrance03:lol. yes... that might be bad... unless you catch the guy performing a sexual act on a bagel... then you can get him fired and possibly imprisoned for bagel abuse, and then you can go in there with no worries... you would be a hero to bagels everywhere! STOP BAGEL PORNOGRAPHY! STOP THE SEXUAL ABUSE OF BAGELS! KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS! (or what there is of it. those who abuse bagels like that lack it down south)

She has some issues to work out...*laughs*
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