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Blood and souls!

From sclerotic_rings, a call center worker who was trying to politely convey to a mother in serious denial than her son and stolen her credit card information and ordered stuff without her knowing.

C: Is there any way that someone else could have called in with my card information to make this payment? I asked my son if this was his payment, and he said 'no', so I'm wondering if someone else did this to get him in trouble.

Me: (at this point, not only am I wielding Occam's Razor, but I'm slinging it over my head, screaming "Blood and souls for my lord Arioch!" at the top of my lungs) Well, if you'd like to have this payment reversed...

C: No, that's okay. I'm going to call a lawyer to find out what we can do about this person. Goodbye. *click*

I realize that no parent wants to think ill about his/her child, but come on. If Skippy's girlfriend turned up pregnant, would this woman throw a big party because obviously this is going to be a virgin birth and the baby is Jesus?

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