Annaliese (windbringer1) wrote in metaquotes,

In the spirit of Hannukah:

Jenn (baseballchica03 posted today about sharing halvah, a Jewish candy with her non-Jewish co workers, herein referred to as Carol and "The Wooshie". Erich is another Jewish person.

Wooshie: That's disgusting.
Erich and me: No, it's not!
Carol: It's all gritty and stuff.
Erich: Sure it is, it's ground up sesame seeds.
Wooshie: That is not candy. That is nasty.
Erich: No, it's not! It's yummy.
Wooshie: Sure, compared to being slaughtered it is! "Look, I know we're being exterminated and everything, but here, eat this, it'll make you feel better."
Erich and Carol: o_o *look at Jenn for reaction*
Me: *giggle*
Erich: It's kind of like fudge!!
Wooshie: No, it's kind of like you tell yourself it's kind of like fudge. "Hey, we're being systematically exterminated! Let's grind up sesame seeds and call it fudge!"
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