Lounges With Cats (yakalskovich) wrote in metaquotes,
Lounges With Cats

From this post.

Watch this space:
- Bigby. Thom. Bar. Doom.
- Death. Ares. Raph. Doom.
- Asar-Suti. Lochiel. Brennan. Doom.
- Mina. Joe. Anthy. Doom.
- Loki. Richard. Doom.
- Darien. Kes. Bartleby. Charlie. Brennan. And other people. Doom.
- Nightmares coming up. You guessed it -- doom.
- You know what? Just keep your eyes open. The doom will find you eventually.

shati posting as anthy_rosebride  in a summary of today's RPage at the infamous Crackbar AKA milliways_bar, which is a a huge multi-fandom RPG with massively addictive potential (for the three or five people who don't know it yet).
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