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I should probably cut this to avoid offending smokers, shouldn't I?

rapunzel452 tells us about her plans to combat a common road hazard here:

Smokers are jackasses that piss off the world around them. This we knew. Now, one thing that particularly infuriates me about smokers is their need to toss cigarette butts out of moving car windows, thus letting them fall sparking to the road below where I can then drive over them. Always lots of fun - even moreso when I still drove a car with an irreparable oil leak. Nothing like thinking you might die in a fiery ball because some asshat couldn't use their car's ashtray. To say nothing of the fact that they can litter with impunity.... so here's what I've decided. I'm going to start chewing gum in my car, and every time someone tosses a cigarette butt in my direction, I toss my wad of used gum in theirs. Fire vs. saliva... who will prevail? :D
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