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The Phaaaantom of the Opera is Theeeere...

The utterly brilliant nympholepsy, from a locked post with permission, on the new Phantom of the Opera movie and Raoul hate and Why Philippe Rocks, which yours truly seconds.

Then again, I'm not a huge fan of the musical, so I can't be expected to have any great flaming opinions of doom about it all. If I were to have a third opinion, it would just be me snickering at the glorified eyepatch of a mask that they've got the actor wearing. Really now, what's his disfigurement, undereye bags? Quelle horreur!

Also, stemming from my ignorance of all things phandom, I really wasn't aware of all the Raoul hate. Poor silly vicomte, you are truly the Cosette of your fandom. See, I never minded Raoul and I certainly never understood the Erik love. A rich titled dolt always seemed like a better catch than a stinky old murderer who hasn't got a nose. These aren't difficult choices, people. I suppose that it's that Heathcliff or Edgar dynamic again, wimpy rich guy or psychopath? Rich guy...psychopath. Hmmmm. Really now, it's like cake and death here.

Besides, my crush from the novel was always Philippe. I've always been unutterably fond of men who keep a box at the opera. And who have noses. And are terrible snobs. Winning combination, that.
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