homokiadal maniac (angelina_zooma) wrote in metaquotes,
homokiadal maniac

Ahhh.. the Merry Giftmas Season

From rabid_wombat rant on holiday shopping

I swear, if I ever hear another shrill-voiced parent screaming their demands for a 'Dora the Explorer playset' (with soothing accompanyment by the shrill and shreiking crotch nugget for said playset) it'll be much too soon. Jeebus, people! Whatever happened to 'Santa's in the process of having his slave-elves mass-produce your favourite trademarked show's merchandice, honey.. He's got a bit of a backorder going, so you may have to wait a bit, m'kay? Here. Have a Yu-gi-oh rifle instead!'

read the rest here
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