teika (teika) wrote in metaquotes,

Reminds me of "Love, Actually"

From jadian, on watching a small town Christmas parade...

There were also about six manger scenes with six different Virgin Marys of varying sizes and ages (bearing various props to look like Baby Jesus, ranging from a rolled up blanket to an actual live two-year-old).

But the funny part was the costumes. You can tell there's only one costume shop in Kingston, and as the parade went on the "adoring animals" assembled around the manger got more and more bizarre. It started out with, you know, the cows and sheep and stuff. Then some one threw a flamingo in there. Which was fine, I mean, ten points for creativity. The next manger float looked like Jesus was born in the Carribbean, because there were parrots and monkeys present. The last Birth of Baby Jesus scene took place on the Kids Teletoon Network because not only was Barney the Purple Dinosaur adoring Him, so was Spongebob Squarepants and most of the Power Rangers. It was like some kind of fucked up Noah's Ark, except in Bethlehem several millenia later
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