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Swamp Thing

The cast of LOTR doing a rehash (*cough*) of Dr. Seuss's "Green Eggs and Ham"

From a post by divineline in deleterius way back in May:

In the pause it takes for SAM to come up with his next rhyme, the sounds of horses galloping can be heard outside BAG END. The assembled company turns as one toward the door. Moments later, a familiar figure appears in the study doorway. It is ARAGORN, SON OF ARATHORN, KING OF THE REUNITED KINGDOMS, CHIEFTAIN OF THE DUNEDAIN OF ARNOR, CAPTAIN OF THE HOST OF THE WEST, BEARER OF THE STAR OF THE NORTH, WIELDER OF THE SWORD REFORGED, VICTORIOUS IN BATTLE, WHOSE HANDS BRING HEALING, THE ELFSTONE, ELESSAR OF THE LINE OF VALANDIL, ISILDUR'S SON, ELEDNIL'S SON OF NUMENOR, SOMETIMES KNOWN AS 'FINKLE-BUNS' BUT ONLY IN THE PRIVACY OF HIS OWN HOME, THANK YOU. He looks rather winded.

Did I miss it?

EVERYONE looks confused. ARWEN takes a step toward her HUSBAND.

Miss what, dear?

ARAGORN waits a moment to catch his breath, and then straightens up, wiping his brow with a handkerchief.

You know, you know…

He gestures expansively with his hands as EVERYONE looks on in confusion.

The 'Kings of Men' line. Have I missed it?

SAM sighs.

Yes, you have.

ARAGORN looks rather upset. His shoulders droop, and he steps outside the study, leaning to speak through BAG END's front window.

Dad? Dad, we've missed it. We've missed it. Yes, I know. Well, I rode as fast as I could. No, Dad, I couldn't have gone any faster. The hobbits in this area are very strict with the speed limit. Well, you may not be among the living any longer, but I am, and traffic laws certainly apply to me, King or not. Yes. Yes. You and Grandpa can go back to sleep. Sleep, not sheep. They've already had that line as well.

The entire thing is hilarious. Even more hilarious is that my mom sent me the link.
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