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First post.

The lovely fmith on this article about white supremacist rock:

He realized there were angry kids like him- angry at blacks, Jews, homosexuals, immigrants. "There's a general plague of anti-whiteness going on in this country," he says. "When I heard the white-power rock, I thought, 'Right on!'"

Where's Indiana Jones when we need him? He'd take care of those Nazis, no problem. Bust out the whip, Indy. Snap! Snap! THERE GOES ANOTHER NAZI-ROCKER. Snap! OH NO HERE COMES A GUY WITH A SWORD WHAT NOW INDY. AND THEN HE BUSTS OUT HIS GUN AND SHOOTS THE GUY. They could call it, "Indiana Jones and the Saving of America's Future." I think I'm going to go get in touch with Steven Spielberg.
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