A Loveless Bat Incarnation (isiliel) wrote in metaquotes,
A Loveless Bat Incarnation

Sometimes I have this dream where I'm watching this pony in a field eating grass and these GIANT ROBOTS are far away in Tokyo, like, totally wrecking it and shit, and they are slowly moving toward the pony. And I'm all, "PONY NO! PONY THOSE ROBOTS HAVE LASERS" but he can't hear me and then the robots come and they have lasers.

What I guess I mean is, for Lord's sake don't be that pony.

rajmahall in response to this poetry application at poetryslamming.

OH man. This guy...

THIS GUY... This guy may rape the entire idea of poetry, abuse html codes, put images innocently circulating among nerds to nefarious purposes. This guy may rock out to Stone Temple Pilots till his ears bleed. This guy may have tattoos only dead members of jam bands can fully appreciate. But this guy...

This DUDE --

clearly RULES.

What applicant but pagan_solitaire can truly field your disenchanted high ten? What applicant knew that MELLO YELLO "rocks eternally" as a beverage, even in the face of an upstart FRESCA?WHO, I ask you, but pagan_solitaire can fake hating Dave Matthews like it really matters, which it does.

NO ONE. He rules

And that's why my internet arms are stretched wide, welcoming him, and somewhere, somewhere between laughing and crying and shaking my head and saying, pagan_solitaire, man, you really did it this time, pass the bong. And turn the tv down already, your mom already yelled at us, please pass it? Midtown Madness II was just as good as this one, whatever, pass it, I helped pay for it. Yeah, you did, but you made us leave Bonaroo early because of the rain, so you can't even count that time,

somewhere between here,

This is the end,
my only friends,
the end...

and here,

Despite all my rage
I am still just a rat in a cage --

I tacked up my clockwork orange poster, picked up my older sister's bra, put it down, never told anyone about it, opened my mind, and voted YES.

(from kdollarsign)
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