Stephanie (bacskocky) wrote in metaquotes,

Kidnapped with permission from eridanusus' journal.

You see, punk rock is a stoned goth chick with sexy chains and tight-fitting black corsets, the kind of girl you stay up all night drinking vodka and talking absolute shit about whatever you want, doesn't matter how stupid it is coz she's stoned anyway and she won't judge you. Then in the morning you offer her a ride home and she thanks you by giving you a blow job on the interstate/highway/motorway and it's all great. Glam rock is cool in her own way, too, of course - she's a glitzy bored rich girl all dolled up in pink boob tubes and hipsters, sparkle body paint disappearing under the hemlines and the light reflecting off her rings, bangles, necklaces. She's a complete cock-tease, she'll dance with you and bump and grind a little before shooting you a little smile and twirling away, walking with her hips shaking so you'll focus on her perfect little ass and go home to masturbate, alone, in the shadows.
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