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Why women with breasts larger than their brains should not be permitted to lead the class in any way


On a forced game of Simon Says in advisory. Cut for length, but I assure you it's worth it. (You can come to my house and pelt me with nectarines if you don't agree.)

On Wednesdays, before we can go to lunch, we have to suffer through a half-hour "advisory meeting," where students are supposed to utilize the time to talk with their advisors and homeroom classmates about serious academic issues and come to a better understanding of how to excel in their studies and reach their full potential. Professor Deadpan's homeroom usually uses this time to play Jenga.

Today, Professor Deadpan didn't seem to have any Jenga tiles around...
 so we played an all-advisory game of catch with a tennis ball someone had conveniently produced, Professor Deadpan took a brief break from this to tell us all about the exam schedule for next month, and then he had us all play Simon Says.

If there's one thing I've learned about my homeroom, it's that we suck at Simon Says.

Nobody wanted to be the Simon, so finally one of the twits (who, thank god, isn't actually in my chem class, or else the world would explode of concentrated stupid) volunteered.

Uncommonly Large-Chested Twit: Okay, like, put your hands on your head!
Nobody: *moves*
Uncommonly Large-Chested Twit: Dude! I said put your hands on your head!
Jesus Boy: You didn't say Simon Says.
Uncommonly Large-Chested Twit: Ohhhhhhh! Okay, Simon Says put your hands on your head!
Hands: *are placed on heads*
Uncommonly Large-Chested Twit: Okay, now Simon Says play with your ears like this! Blah la la la la!
Caleb: ...Are you serious?
Uncommonly Large-Chested Twit: Do it! *stomps foot*
Everyone: Blah la la la la. *play with ears*
Uncommonly Large-Chested Twit: Okay, now touch your toes! Touch your knees! Touch your head! TOUCH YOUR HANDS!
Everyone: ...What?
Professor Deadpan: *clasps hands* God, please send us another Simon.
Uncommonly Large-Chested Ditz: OMG I DIDN'T SAY SIMON SAYS OMG YOU'RE OUT OMG!
Professor Deadpan: Oh, just go to lunch, all of you.

-- jean_prouvaire

Oh damn, now I've gone and made everyone mad. Let's amend that to "women who cannot count any higher than their numeric bra size," shall we? =D

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