Carly (hiddenmuse) wrote in metaquotes,

"Sorry, he's not available to be the background..."

First time post - been reading along for a while.

This is from rita, in the customers_suck community.

I've posted here once before. I work at the Sears Portrait Studio. We have loads of different backgrounds for photos, including three fabrics that spill out across the floor: black velvet, white muslin, and brown muslin. At least once a day, someone will ask for the white or brown muslim. I don't really think these customers suck - it's just amusing. It takes everything I have not to giggle. Seriously, one of these days someone's going to ask for the "white muslim" background and I'm gonna burst out with, "Sorry, Cat Stevens isn't available to be your background today - he's not allowed in this country anymore, haven't you heard?"

And I loved the comment from thren0dy, who responded to the "White Muslim" background statement this way: "That response would be fabulous! Or you could just tell them that you only have Christians available at the moment. :D"
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