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Rhiannon and the Chorus of Chaos

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I was reminded of something that happened a few months ago, at my mum's dinner party for her church group.

I had been peacefully existing imitating a hermit in my room, finishing up some art and outlining a bit of rp plot, when I was pulled out to play Taboo with a group of post-menopausal women. Everything went smoothly, until the following occured:

My Partner: Okay, now this, um... this is where they take the babies when they're crying in church-
Me: -matter of factly- The guillotine.
All: -silence-
MP: -closing her eyes because the shock is apparently too much to bear-
Me: -hastily- Uh, nursery?

Mum then swooped in to rescue me. "Well, she really doesn't want to have any kids, see..."
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