Drunken bunny panic (kassandra05) wrote in metaquotes,
Drunken bunny panic

More crack from scans_daily

In the comments to this entry.

milkshake_b: This community is directly, both in the form of the icon bases and the need for them, responsible for me having both a "WTF" and a "Crack" icon. And some days that doesn't feel like quite enough.

odditycollector: Well, most days my Vetinari icon serves well enough - or at least it makes me giggle, which is the same thing... But sometimes there's just a need for a bigger reaction than dry irony and perhaps a slight raise of an eyebrow, you know?

vassilissa: It makes one wonder how Alfred managed all those years.

stephendann: Dressing up in Batman's old uniforms and performing Gilbert and Sullivan numbers in the Manor House.


the_gentleman: "When I'm a bad Bat I will torture all crim'nals,
I'll torture all crim'nals when I'm a bad Bat,
I'll play a bad part on the falsest of Riddlers
And tie up poor Robin when I'm a bad Bat!"
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