Dr. Mo0 Oliver, part-time superhero (mo0) wrote in metaquotes,
Dr. Mo0 Oliver, part-time superhero

Innuendo is fun!

furre has a conversation with a buddy regarding breakfast... and it doesn't come out right at all.

CyberCpeed: My kiwi is far too hard.
furre: your "kiwi"?
CyberCpeed: Yes. I'm attemtping to devour it as I type. It's challenging!
CyberCpeed: The spoon just won't stay in.
furre: you're attempting to devour your "kiwi"?
CyberCpeed: Yup! It's a cokplete meal
CyberCpeed: ...*complete
furre: freudian slip?
CyberCpeed: ...I think so
CyberCpeed: I'm scared now.
CyberCpeed: Shit..it's not getting any softer..and I've got school in a little while.
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