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into my stew goes a can of mountain dew

bfscollegegirl posts in damncollegekids about her experiences with college cooking.

edit: whoops! Did not notice it was protected. The food in my cafeteria is horrible. Worse than average. The staff and the professors complain about it. Freshmen here lose 10 pounds. It has gotten worse this semester than ever before and that's really saying something.
In an act of retaliation I got a contrabanned Crock Pot and thought "HAHAHA I shall crock my own stews and roasts and FEAST like a queen. Wait. What do you MEAN I cannot cook? I Can and I SHALL. There's a first time for everything..."

So last night I put stew beef in some water and set it to low. It cooked over night. Then today I put my favorite vegetable in--potatoes.
That seems like enough for now, don't want to get too ambitious or anything. Except...it isn't stew. The magic that turns it from STUFF to STEW didn't happen. I asked a friend for some advice. No luck. So I did what most college kids do--I called mommy. Below is a detailed conversation of the results of cooking real food (sorta) in a college setting.

Ms Lee: so mom says that it just needs something in it to thicken it. In my house Onion Soup Mix is the way of the gods, so thats what I'll get. It adds flavor too.
Ms Lee: and maybe some carrots etc
Ms Lee: so I went to put it in the fridge so I could finish with it tomorrow...
Ms Lee: except. I have a dorm fridge. And this is a big assed crock pot
Krista: hahah
Ms Lee: So I had to be...creative
Ms Lee: it looks like it would fit except that the bottom of the door hits the pan
Ms Lee: so clearly the pan needs to be high enough that the door will slide under it.
Ms Lee: So my Gender Issues text book is now holding my stew up. (OH THE IRONY)
Krista: LOL
Ms Lee: But now the bars on the door that keep condiments from sliding around are hitting the pan
Ms Lee: out those come
Ms Lee: into my stew goes a can of mountain dew (who knew they MOVE when you slam the door)
Ms Lee: can goes into the sink, door closes, stew is refrigerated.
Krista: GOOD!

Clearly I am the Queen of all things culinary.
Am I the only inept one here? Does anyone else crock pot? IE: Help?
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