V (vvvexation) wrote in metaquotes,

envoy, on the subject of post-Thanksgiving ads:

It's like the presidential race lowered the expectations of intelligence for EVERYTHING 'cause the ads are just horrible. I keep waiting for the bar to finally drop that final inch and we'll just start getting porn-ads:

'I'm fully stocked and waiting for you. I've put on my sluttiest decorations, 'Cause I know how much you like it when I wear the garlands. Yeah baby, I've got my tinsel on and I'm open WIDE and EARLY for you, I want you to come OVER and OVER again, I want you to do me in the morning afternoon and night! I'm special, SPECIAL for YOU, I'll give you EVERYTHING, I'm ON CLEARANCE FOR YOU BABY, You like a three way? YEAH I'll GIVE YOU TWO FOR ONE!! For the love of god just come here and put all of your big hard throbbing credit into me you know I want it!!! I want to feel you LOAD UP MY CART! I want you to RAM it into my CHECK OUT ISLE! I want to feel you SLIP you CARD through my SLOT! I'm A CHEAP DIRTY STORE! YES! YES!!! YESSSSS!!!'
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