Samantha (blindhysteria) wrote in metaquotes,

First time poster here coming out of lurking. This girl is always hysterical so it's time someone put her here. In this post she tells the story of some army brats at West Point hacking the computer system and bypassing the antiporn software. The whole things is beyond amusing, you should read it.

"Shit, maybe these kids should be in charge of Iraq. We'd have the whole country hooked on porn and humming Ashlee Simpson tunes by now, which is all Bush really wants anyway. To quote and completely distort the words of Janis Joplin, "freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose." I think that jacking off to Top 40 Hits - while in your school's computer lab, no less - is pretty much as close to "nothing left to lose" as you can get. So let's free the Iraqi peope! It's easier to completely disenfranchise an entire nation when they're too absorbed in Hot XXX Barely Legal Teens to care what the government is doing, after all. Look at how well it worked in the US!"

Seriously, read the post. I can't do it justice. a word of caution, though, her sense of humor is sometimes irreverent.
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