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He's almost as quotable as apocalypsos...

Actually, theferrett may be more quotable than the Princess, but his quotes aren't generally as newbie-friendly. Generally.

This time, he stated his determination not to buy a DVD without real extras. He then stated that this determination has been tested by his neighbor getting a bootleg of The Incredibles.

"Should we try to get one from her?" [zoethe] asked.

I thought for a moment. "Nah," I replied. "It doesn't have any extras."

"What extras do you want?" she asked, incredulous.

I could think of a few.

The Making Of The Bootleg: Interviews with the cast and crew of the bootleg, including the cameraman, the people who sat around them at the theaters, and the local crime syndicate who made it all happen.

Director's Commentary: "Now, at this point the guy in front of me got up for popcorn or something, and he walked right in front of the lens. Normally, the trick to avoiding this is to find a bunch of sedate old ladies - they never pee mid-film - but this time, the theater was crowded so I didn't have an ideal seating...."

Trivia Quizzes!:
The amount this CD is estimated to cost the MPAA is:
a) $49,000
b) $750,000
c) $1.2 million

In comments, ravenblack points out that The Trivia question is a trick question, because it doesn't say estimated by whom. The MPAA estimates about a bajillion squillion, and anyone else estimates "ooh, maybe a couple of dollars".
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