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Add one more to the list of 'Can't live without..."

la_rainette gets a rental car and discovers that it doesn't have a 'central lock' function:

"Blast. Cos this, you know, is the way I close and open the van, usually: I just press on a button. If it's already closed, and you press the button again, it will honk, telling you in its own language "Kind master, your wish has already been fulfilled" (or more probably "yo! Moron! What words in 'closed already' haven't you understood?"). It is also very useful in a huge parking lot, when you don't remember where you've parked your car, although it induces the occasional coronary in the unsuspecting passer-by (I've seen a guy jump up a good foot just because the innocent-looking, parked and empty van, had just honked at him -- I was on the other side of the street, making sure the van was locked. Ooops.)"
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