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Sorry, folks, gotta quote it all..

By bkwrrm_tx in this post.

M: Me
SC: Subconscious

M: I have a headache
SC: I’m so sorry. You have Advil on your desk. Take some and you’ll feel better, I promise.

/an hour later/

M: I have a headache.
SC: Well, you still haven’t taken the Advil that is sitting in plain sight on your desk. Go do it now. This is the only way the headache will go away.

/3 hours after that/

M: Man, my head hurts.
SC (sitting in a lounge chair, drinking a Pina Colada and reading JD Robb): Of *course* it does! You wouldn’t take the Advil that we’ve been yammering about. You *deserve* the headache! In fact, we’re plotting with the blood vessels in your brain to shrink, then expand, and keep this up for the next week because you’re an idiot! Next thing you know, you’ll have athletes foot, a boil on your ass and halitosis!
M: Okay, I’m taking the Advil
SC: Too late.
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