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These are just amusing.

Both found on my friend pages, and quoted with permission.

On Alexander

Oh Oliver Stone, You are truly the Anne Rice of the cinema set. Editors are there for a reason. Use 'em, dammit.

Nathan: I think somewhere in there was a good movie trying to get out. He should release an "extended edition" that's shorter than the original.
Me: Alexander, the director's cut: Now with three hours less bombast! ... which means it doesn't exist anymore.

Still, Colin Farrell made a decent psycho pretty boy with a mommy fixation, even if he did a little too much "this is my OSCAR SCENE, bitch!" acting. Seriously, I don't think people quiver like that when they die, and whoa, reign back the crazy eyes there, kiddo ... Your face might totally freeze like that.

~smuu, here

On Doctors and Diet Plans

My wonderful doctor's advice to help me lose weight....(which wasn't asked for or wanted).

"Eat less."

No shit, Sherlock.

edtel, here
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