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seidoo_ryuu gets silly:

"So consider Knight Rider. Now, say that Kitt (the car) gets drunk off some cheap motor oil or something (maybe Michael put some of that Heet stuff in the gas tank--it has alcohol in it, or so I've heard :P), and takes Michael for a joyride (who wouldn't???:P). And they subsequently get pulled over. So who gets charged withthe DUI here? And assuming they charge the car, how are they going to get Kitt into the Courthouse for his arraignment? Would they have to have Court outside, in the parking lot? So how would they keep Kitt from getting away? Instead of a bailiff with a butt zapper taser, would they just box the car in with a bunch of those stop strips?

I discussed it further with a couple of friends. I mean, imagine the cops trying to give Kitt field sobriety tests. I can just about imagine some poor cop trying to administer the heel-to-toe test and field nystagmus test to a car:

Officer: "Okay, I want you to walk a straight line from here to there, and touch your toes to your heels on each step."
Kitt: "I'm afraid I cannot do that."
Officer: "Why not??"
Kitt: "Because I don't have feet, you moron."
Officer: *scribbling notes* "So is that a refusal to test?""
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