mr_gondor_2004 (mr_gondor_2004) wrote in metaquotes,

Found on thedarkbear's lj and used with permission.

In this post the Native American loving, sarcastic guy mocks Thanksgiving and the fact that we tend to overlook the true meaning of the holiday.

"We're traditionalists in my family. We make a really big meal and invite all of our neighbors over, especially the ones that were here when we moved in. Then once everyone is full, tired, and no longer up for running or excitement....we kill all of them and take their land. Those that escape we move to the really shitty part of the yard, but if they happen to find anything of value there, then we move them again, usually to some place shittier than the first. Sometimes we give them these really great diseased blankets that we have no use for, or we just get them drunk. We love to see them drunk. And of course, sometimes they build casinos where they don't charge tax on cigarettes and make tons of money on gambling. We don't like that though since we wish we'd thought of it first.

Lucky bastards. They get all the good stuff."
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