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from dajoey

On the strenuous life of the Sims:
"I bought the cheapest house on the block. Of course the first things I bought were an alarm system and fire detecters(good thing too.. b/c the oven caught on fire with my very first meal)... I tried to hit on the fireman, but he left too quickly. My next purchase was a bed... then a wetbar... to go beside the bed, of course. my most expensive purchase in the house was the wet bar. I gotta have the essentials. I set her aspiration to be money. I opened the newspaper and looked for a job. The first one that popped up was a job as a pickpocket. I took it. After learning to cook a little, I checked out the wet bar.... much to my amusement, one of the options is "drink from the bottle"... which I do about 30 times a day.

Here is my daily routine.... I get up.. turn off the alarm.. pick my money tree, water it, drink from the bottle.. fix breakfast... drink from the bottle.. go to work.. get the mail (if there is any)... recycle the newspaper... drink from the bottle .... pee... take a bubble bath... pick my money tree.. water it... drink from the bottle.... throw a party... drink from the bottle... serve dinner... drink from the bottle... get in the hot tub with my party guests... drink from the bottle.. .go to bed... she stays happy :-)"

If only real life could be like this...
Well, I guess it can...
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