And I said, what about (kapnkaty) wrote in metaquotes,
And I said, what about

Ahh, the apprehension of joining a community

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but today was a sad day for humanity itself. The very morals of our existance have been threatened in one single (drunken) act. I learned this morning, that sometime during the weekend, a boy who shall remained unnamed for his safety, but who attends my school in my year, engaged in sexual intercourse with a male dog. I wish I could tell you now I'm joking. I'm not.

Apparently the boy who shall remain unamed was dared by a girl to 'fuck the dog' at the party in exchange for oral sex. In a brief moment of insanity, confused by the powers of alcohol and his sexualilty, engaged in beastiality with the animal and 'inserted himself'.

Needless to say that the boy will be punished severly tomorow, and most likely, for the rest of his life...

From the odd yet well-meaning mistergreen527


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