classyhoneykissyhuggyloveydoveyghettoprincess (velveteenfaerie) wrote in metaquotes,

My first metaquote

From this post by mmoa.

It's amazing the difference two socks can make. Really. I advise girls out there, wanting a deeper insight into the male psyche, to try it. Juts two socks. Or one if you want to be realistic.

Yes, I have to confess: I'm into gender-bending (lmao!). Two socks. Bizarre. Spent an hour on Sunday night playing around and learning how to walk properly again and trying to subdue the urge to punch something, and then the whole Monday flew by as I tried to adjust to being a woman again. It was more than a little odd. But interesting. 'Research', yeah... yeah... yeah... heh... research...

Oh come on girls, you know you want to try it really...
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