Kassandra Fireborn (fireborn) wrote in metaquotes,
Kassandra Fireborn

nebulawindphone's posts have been amusing me lately. Today I've decided to give up and give you quotes from his last three.

On graduating college:
Okay, so nobody told me I needed a minor to graduate until last week, when lillyv mentioned hers in passing. In particular, my advisor didn't tell me I needed a minor to graduate. Of course, that shouldn't be surprising. The last time I saw my advisor, I asked him, "Does this schedule leave me with all my requirements filled?" and he said, "Do you think it does?" From a therapist, that would be an okay answer. From my academic advisor, that's, uh, less than helpful. Anyway, the guy's useless, and I should have just picked my own classes and figured out the requirements for myself. Next time I get my B.A. in philosophy at Pitt, I'll know better...

Thankfully, it looks like I accidentally minored in linguistics. Accidentally. I'm not arguing, mind you. If I graduate, I graduate.

On the universe paying him back for the above:
My Logic prof. gave us a take home test that was due between classes, not on the day of class itself. He's done this once or twice before, but this time I slipped and assumed it was due on the next class meeting. So tomorrow morning I get to go in and grovel before this guy, whose class is, uh, kind of tedious, so I tend to sit in back and doze off and I don't think he likes me much. But grovel I must, or I'll wind up having accidentally failed the exam (and maybe the class), which I suppose would be fair karmic payback for accidentally minoring in linguistics.

On Withdrawing from a class:
I was in the associate dean's office today anyway, to hand in my graduation application, so I asked for a withdrawl form. The nice guy behind the desk told me that it was too late to just withdraw without special permission — and then I'd have to give a good non-academic reason ("I got mono." "My grandmother is on fire." "This bleak fall weather fills me with a sense of nameless dread.").

At the Supermarket:
snowth and I were in Giant Eagle the other day and she pointed out that I was staring at the dairy case as if someone had just died. Later, she told me it looked like I'd been magically picked up out of a funeral and deposited in front of the dairy case, with no idea how I'd gotten there. Really I was just mystified by the yogurt selection, but lately those little decisions have been fraught with way more importance than they deserve.
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