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Costumer reddheart comes up with some splendifferous reasons as to why sewing machines are better than men.

-If a sewing machine is going to hurt you, it's not because it's intentional. It's because your fingers got in the way.

-The sewing machine is the last thing that will complain if you come home late. As a matter of fact, if you bring a person home for..ahem..indoor sports, it will not only refrain from chastising you for it, but it will not go and grab the camcorder.

-All the sewing machine asks for in order to function is a little power, some thread, and fabric to chew on. Everything else is up to you, though it will help if your foot pushes the pedal.

-The sewing machine won't leave you...well, not unless someone borrows or steals it, at which point the sewing machine is blameless because it has no legs to go on its own.

Full entry and comments are located *here*.
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