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Friend of a friend.

Major Reasons People Become Homosexual, by misia

Including ...

8. Seeing, hearing, or participating in some way in things, products, or events that were made by or which include content created by homosexuals. Many homosexuals are unnaturally creative, a result of their perverted channeling of the procreative impulse into things other than the family. They use their talents to try to seduce the unwitting into sampling their "lifestyle." One should be particularly suspicious of enjoying Broadway musicals, fashion and lifestyle magazines, dance music, and fashionable clothing. Popular music is particularly problematic. A single hearing of one Elton John song has been known to turn strong men into pansies; similar problems have been reported with women hearing even small amounts of the music of Melissa Etheridge.

14. Eating Greek food. The phrase "you are what you eat" is part of God's plan for human beings and it is really true. Greece, the land where homosexuality was invented, is famous for its national cuisine, but eater beware! This is the same food that Sappho, the founder of lesbianism, enjoyed, and it was also the food eaten by thousands of skirt-wearing pedophiles who shared bathtubs with other men on a regular basis. It is especially important to avoid the dessert called "baklava," a dish whose name is code for Beg Anal Koitus (the Greek spelling) Loudly And Very Ardently and which induces a profound yearning (which can last for up to 4 days) to be the recipient of anal intercourse.

Read the whole list.  (Although doing so may also make you homosexual.)

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