O.K. (caprinus) wrote in metaquotes,

if you ever thought your life was odd... here's a benchmark

From my idiosyncratic friend maidenearth

"Oddness thy name is my life. Hairless rats in my dining room with wee dumbo ears, bathroom sink that hasn't worked for a year, a head, face and arm hanging in my studio, a flattened, mummified, painted toad in my computer monitor, a group of 3 people who understand my stuttering and spoonerisms and tolerate my statements trailing off as I appear to aimlessly wander away. Roadkill in the freezer neatly wrapped and labelled. A large hole in the back yard with the sole use of allowing bones and skulls to be defleshed before being brought in for study and display. Won't even mention the disparate articles that live beside the bed. When asked to think of a vegetable I said peanuts. Try defending that, are legumes vegetables? Last count I had over 10 sewing machines. I often get the feeling that I am not just a little skewed from centre in everything. This is not always a good feeling. But, what can I do? Even in this cranium I am bored silly at times, when I feel trapped, cornered or edged in. If I became any closer to normal I'd explode."
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